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November 15, 2016

Nasal septum deviation occurs when the nasal septum between your nasal passages is displaced to one side right or left. In many people, the nasal septum is displaced or deviated by making nasal passage smaller. It can block one side of your nose, reduce airflow and cause difficulty of breathing. This can be congenital or can occur after nose impacts. The only treatment that can be done to correct this condition is “septoplasty”. Septoplasty surgery can be done under general or local anesthesia. It takes approximately 30 minutes.

During the procedure, the mucous membrane is first lifted off the cartilage and bone. The cartilage and bone can then be reshaped. Sometimes, portions of the cartilage and bone need to be removed. The patient should stay 2-3 hours in the hospital and rest 24 hours after the surgery. This operation restrains the patient daily activities for 48 hours. After the 3rd day, patient should continue his/her daily life.

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