About Us

Private Umit Hospitals are the new face of the modern health system and entrepreneurial spirit which have been launched by the partnership of 52 health leading doctors. Umit Hospital that started to give services in 6 branches in 1997, have reached 29 branches with 94 doctors by carrying on the first day excitement. Private Umit Health Group has succeeded to become reliable, qualified and institutionalized company, which has been growing with the investments of Umit Hospital, Umit Medical Center and Umit Vişnelik Hospital since 1997.

As being TSE 2016 10002 (Quality Management-Customer Satisfaction Certificate) and ISO 9000 quality certified institute and having experienced doctors, medical staffs and modern management system; Umit Hospital has become preferential institution not only for Eskişehir/Turkey but also for countries like Germany, Belgium, Holland, Romania, Kirghizstan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraqi etc..

Private Umit Health Group has being open to all suggestions; has undertaken to support medical researches and to train qualified personnel strength. This group including the most precious professionalists within the body of the hospital has proved that it has been given the best qualified and sustainable service in health sector with 700 staffs.

Quality Policy:

  • To provide healthcare services on time that each person has a right to receive by taking patient satisfaction into consideration in our hospital which meet the international standards in the scope of the regulations.
  • To care about the health and work safety of our employees.
  • To enhance team work and team spirit.
  • Together with all our employees, refresh and develop ourselves via training in order to improve our knowledge, skills and experience, being respectful and conservative to the environment while fulfilling our services is a priority for all Umit members.

Our values:

  • People orientation
  • Conformity to ethical values
  • Social utility
  • Reliability

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