Patient Rights


Our patients have right to:

  • Utilize Services

Each individual applying to our hospital has the right to benefit from health services within the framework of justice and equity principles. These patients have also the right to receive services regardless of the racial, language, religious, genderand philosophical belief, economic and social status.

  • Giving and Requesting Information Right

Take a complete information about the probable causes and the courses of the diseases; to know the name of the physician who has primarily reponsible for coordinating your care and the time and the course of the treatment.

Know the other diagnostic and therapeutic options, and the benefits and risks of these options, and possible effects and complications on the patient's health.

Be informed about possible benefits and risks that may arise if the treatment is rejected,

Know important characteristics of the medicaments to be used,

Be aware lifestyle recommendations that are critical to health,

Ask for any kind of information related to medical assistance in the same subject, verbally and in writing.

  • Selecting and Changing Health Establishment and Staff

Patients have right to choose and change the health institution, to take advantage of the health services provided at the selected health facility, to learn the identities, duties and titles of the health service providers and other health workers and make selection and changes according this.

  • Privacy Right

Our patients have the right to take services in convenient privacy conditions all through the treatment period.

  • Consent

During medical intervention, they have the right to inform the disability of their wishes and to take advantage of medical interventions and benefit from the service in the context of consent.

  • Security Right

Our patients have the right to receive health services in a safe environment.

  • Right to Exercise Religious Duty

Our patients have right to exercise their religious duties within the framework of the measures taken by our hospital and in accordance with the institution facilities, only if it doesn’t prevent the treatment.

  • Right to Be Respected and Have Comfort

Our patients have right to receive a health care service with good care, attention and respect, within a quiet, free of all noisy and disturbing factors and hygienic environment .

  • Visitor and Accompanying Person

Our patients have right to accept visitors and to have hospital attendants in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by our hospital, in case of the approval of his/her physician.

  • Right to Express Complaints and Litigation

Our patients have right to use apply to the competent authority complaint or claim in case of violation of their rights, within the legislations.


Patients have the responsibility for:

  • Obeying the rules and applications of the hospital and acting with the knowledge of being a part of the diagnosis and treatment.
  • Providing accurate and complete information about medical complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, pain, and other matters relating to their health.
  • Following the treatment plan recommended by the doctor and coming periodically to the medical controls on time and giving him feedback.
  • Complying with the appointment date and time and notify changes.
  • Respecting the rights of patients having priority or urgency to the relevant legislation and also to the other patients’ and personnel’s’ rights.
  • Avoiding applying verbal and physical aggression behaviors to the personnel /staffs.
  • Contacting the patient communication unit if you have a decision of being violated or having other problems.

**** This declaration is prepared according to the Ministry of Health Patients’ Rights Regulation number 23420.

About Your Application

You can apply for opinions, suggestions, gratifications, problem solving and complaints about the health service that you receive to this department. Your application will be firstly assessed by the health institution concerned.

If your application can not be resolved or you request it, it will be examined by the "Patient Rights Board" established within the provincial health directorate and it will be decided whether there is a violation of the patient's right.

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